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Welcome to DS Design Services! For years, we have provided Modesto California with website design and development that beats the rest. As a resident of 2016, you realize the impact websites and the internet have had on our lives. Think back a few years ago... Was it that recently? When you needed to find a local business, you picked up the famous "phone book", and leafed through it to the category your looking for. You notice a nice ad for a carpet cleaner, and you pick up your corded phone and dial the number... Sound familiar?


I never realized the importance of a website for your small business before I sat down with DS Design! They completely and thoroughly walked me through the entire design, which made things very easy for an "un-techy", girl like me. Thanks again guys!

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Web DesignSix Reasons The Explaining The Importance of Small Businesses Having a Website.

Starting a business involves lots of work, but once your business takes off things will become much easier. Preparing all your papers concerning business expenses and hiring new people can be a wonderful learning experience for new business owners. You will be in control of all your financial business matters, in charge of making important marketing decisions, and even hiring new people.

Also included in the perks of owning your own business is deciding when you will have sales on the products or services you will be providing. Along with when you will be taking time off. Eventually, you will need to go over a small business website, local businesses, and small business marketing to get an idea on how to create your website, or even hire a designer to do this for you.

For example if you want to offer the best carpet cleaning service in Modesto, you will have to be on point with your websites visibility and marketing.

1. Having a website can not only limit the exposure of your business to local customers only but it will help you to widen your consumer base to the online world. This way there will be no limit to the number of potential customers you can have. And yes, this number is really enormous as most of the people make use of the internet nowadays. In fact, any person who has access to the internet can be your potential client.

2. Provide Information and Services 24/7.  A client can obtain information about your business at any time. From your website, they will be able to know what products or services your business offers. With a website, you can sell your products 24/7. Moreover, your contact details will be provided on the website and if they have any queries, they can call or email you.

3. Save Money: Establishing Small Business Websites is affordable, unlike those colorful brochures that cost a bomb. Whether your business is new or already established, creating a website is affordable and a must these days to showcase your products and services. Another benefit is that you can try out a new product on the internet through your website quickly and economically. And if does not succeed, then you can modify the service or product easily and attempt again.

4. Maintain up to date information: The content on your website can be updated whenever you want and pretty easily, unlike say in flyers or company brochures which are impossible to alter them once they are printed.

5. Increase the awareness of your business. These days, every other person is using the internet, and if you have a proper website with the help of the right Business Website builder with appropriate content, then you can draw clients to your business and actually create a need for your product or service.

6. Engage with your customers: A website is a great place to interact and be in touch with your customers. You can have a comments section on your website where your customers can post their feedback and from this, you can improve the various facets of your business. www.coltercarpet.com

There is a few small business marketing you could make but it really depends on what platform you prefer. For example, you could make a small business website by using WordPress or Dreamweaver. These are both popular platforms for people who do not know how to code, and not very experience with building websites. You may want to hire a web designer to install the site for you, or better yet create a personalized site just for your business. Of course, it can be a large investment but it will certainly be worthwhile.